About I-FIN

I-FIN is an effort established to inform and improve the adoption and design of sustainable fishery management systems around the world.

Our vision: Fishery policy around the world is informed by expert analysis of robust, accessible, and reliable data.

In order to achieve this objective, I-FIN will bring together scientists, economists, and managers who share a common vision that sound science and effective management design can lead to desirable fishery management outcomes, namely an increase in catch, biomass, and profit. Science, data, rigorous analysis, and partnerships will be used to gain new insights into fisheries management reform globally. Furthermore, as formalized membership continues to expand over time, better quantitative and spatial data will increase, improving our understanding of the upside potential of fisheries and ways in which fisheries interventions can be designed in new and uncertain environments.

I-FIN was established in early 2016 as a collaboration of fisheries scientists and economists from the University of California Santa Barbara and the University of Washington with technical and programmatic support from the Environmental Defense Fund. Overall, we are working on projects to advance the use of fisheries science and analysis in sustainable fisheries management.

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