Pillar 1

Global network of fishery experts to collect data and conduct analyses

Previous efforts to evaluate the success of fisheries management and interventions have primarily relied on a centralized data collection system, often using global data sources such as the FAO catch database. In our experience with the RAM Legacy Stock Assessment database, we have found it essential for regional experts to take a lead in data collection, analysis, and critical evaluation of results. We have built a network of regional experts, linked by modern information technology, social networks, and occasional face to face meetings. This network is responsible for collecting data on fish stock status, social and economic performance, fisheries management actions, historical interventions, and issues associated with value chain performance. This is an elite group that serves as coauthors and collaborators on a number of projects that is visible to the broader community.

In addition to this elite group, we also have extended networks we work with such as the SNAPP working group which includes RAM Legacy contributors.

FIN Steering Committee

  • UCSB: Steve Gaines, Chris Costello, Tracey Mangin, Jen Bone
  • UW: Ray Hilborn, Mike Melnychuk
  • EDF: Merrick Burden, Jenny Couture