The data that can be downloaded below include historical data and life history information which were used as data inputs to estimate the 2012 stock status of fisheries. In the Global Upside Model, harvest, biomass, and profit projections were calculated through 2050. Main data sources for the model include: the RAM Legacy database, FAO, and the Costello, et al. 2012 unassessed method. The life history parameters, such as maximum length, growth rate parameters, age at maturity, and so on were pulled from a 2011 static copy of the FishBase database. For complete information about the Global Upside model methodology, see the PNAS 2016 publication and the corresponding supplemental information.


This application contains an interactive Kobe plot displaying the current status of global fisheries. Use the options on the left to customize which fisheries are included in the plot. The original data and methods used in this application come from Costello et al. (2016) but are updated occasionally as the underlying databases are updated.

Disclaimer: Results for individual unassessed fisheries are known to be highly unreliable and should not be taken as a substitute for formal stock assessments. Additionally, stock assessment data is from version 2.95 of the Ransom A. Myers (RAM) legacy stock assessment database and may not match the most currently available data for some stocks.


Costello, Christopher, et al. “Global fishery prospects under contrasting management regimes.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2016): 201520420.